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**Free sources for full studies, Blogspot help, organizations

Link to many full study sources, not just abstracts.,_full and help support pages, not a forum.
Mybloggertricks forum.
Official Blogger help forum.

Javascript for
Print your post with Javascript. 2008.
Print your posts with CSS and Javascript. 2011.
Print your posts. 2013.
Print blog post. But is it safe? It shows ads.

Autoimmune links
American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association.

Database of GMOs
GMO Compass. Link here.
ISAAA database. Link here.

More interesting sites Jeff Smith has a video on Youtube about GMOs and many other illnesses. It's very well done. Large amount of topics with articles in each topic. Mainly health tips.

News and Blogs
  1. News.
  2. Environmental Working Group.
  3. Fetch news. Many topics here, with articles for each topic from many sources. Interesting concept.
  4. Food Investigations web page. Videos about investigations. 
  5. GMOFood News.  Coagulated from multiple sources.
  6. GMO.News
  8. NaturalNews About. Has topics with research by journalists and studies, often full studies. 
  9. Pharma Industry Regulation. Like a news aggregator. 
  10. Scientists against GMOs
  11. Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). Their blog (free).
  12. Sourcewatch and Roundup Ready crops.
  13. Toxic Food Cans. About BPA and other phthalates in the linings of US canned food. Mar 2016: 60% of US food cans still lined with BPA. PDF report
  14. USFoodsafety blog.
  1. Barfblog: Safe food from farm to fork.
  2. US CDC exposure report. Shows exposure levels and percent for the US population for many pesticides. Last update Feb 2015 (PDF).
  3. Center for Food Safety blog.
  4. E.hormone. Articles by topic, focusing on EDCs. From Tulane.
  5. ***Moms Across America. Offers glyphosphate testing from food and urine. 
  6. National Center for Biotechnology Information. Part of NIH.
  7. NIH page on endocrine disruptors. They have many more related topics like BPA, glyphosate, pesticides, etc. Each topic contains many studies.
  8. Non-GMO Certified.   
  9. Organic Consumers Association
  10. Pesticide Action Network North America
  11. Toxalim Research Center. Part of EFSA? 
  12. USDA National Organic ProgramTheir regulations page
  13. USDA Pesticide Data Program. Authority on pesticides in foods. 
  14. What's On My Food. Great page on showing which pesticides are on food and graphical representation on the damage they cause, such as known carcinogen, probable carcinogen, possible carcinogen.  Also shows how often each pesticide is found in said food.
  15. USGS Toxics program.  Has studies on glyphosate.
Organizations, US gov't.
EPA: "Pesticides are safe"
FDA emails collection. Describes how the FDA covered up the dangers of GMOs.

USDA National Organic Program.

Search engines for news


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