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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Free bubonic plague ebooks in EPUB format

Bubonic plague (aka Black Plague) sometimes pops up even in the US. If you want to read more about it, here are some free EPUB books, well out of copyright.

  1. "Epidemics of the Middle Ages". by JFC Hecker. EPUB format.
  2. "The Black Death" (of 1348-49) and "The Dancing Mania" 2 books in one EPUB file, 1888 version. By JFC Hecker. The Dancing Mania was when people suddenly started dancing and jerking around. This was coincidental with the Black Plague of 1348, and appeared here and there for a couple hundred years after. Oddly enough the best cure was threatening to throw a "dancer" into an ice cold lake.
  3. "Plague and Pestilence in the North of England." By G. Bouchier Richardson, F.S.A. NEWC. 1852. It has info on many plagues throughout time in a localized area. Focused around the area Newcastle-upon-Tyne. EPUB file.

For each file,
  1. Click on the link above. 
  2. On the upper right of the browser window, click the 3 dots in a horizontal row. 
  3. Choose Download from the drop down menu. 
More free books on the plague:
Google books search for free ebooks.

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