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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

5TB external USB drive for $130, on Amazon

Prices for storage are coming down quickly. See here. But you will probably have to partition this drive into multiple logical drives for this to work on your OS.

Edit Nov 6, 2016: now $130usd!!

Max partition sizes for 32-bit OS: Microsoft KB.
  1. A 32-bit OS supports disk partitions up to 2TB. If your hardware is 64-bit but your OS is 32-bit the 2TB limit still applies. 
  2. A 64-bit OS supports a (theoretical) 9.4 billion TB disk partition. But the OS is not the only thing that matters, the file system type also matters. 
  3. The newer GUID Partition Table supports more disk partitions. MS KB article.

A physical hard drive can be divided into partitions, or "logical drives". The number of partitions depends on your OS. The max size of partitions also depends on your OS. The max file size depends on what type of partition it is.

Types of partitions (file systems)
  1. FAT32: Max file size: 2GB (this is not big enough for many movies especially in HD). Max partition size is 8TB. Wikipedia. Filesystem limits from Wikipedia.
  2. exFat: Max file size: 16Eib. Max partition size: 64ZiB.

If any of this is incorrect please leave a comment with a link to the correct information.

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