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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Review of Ebay Solar panels

I bought 2 solar panels on Ebay. The dimensions of each are 55x80mm. These are both encased in clear resin. I connected them in parallel and got 7vdc, and 60ma from both of them combined. This is pretty respectable seeing how it was a sunny but winter day about noon. Each is rated for 6vdc 0.6w, so that's 10ma max. But solar panels don't ever get the output they are rated for due to how they are rated in the lab.

For $1usd with free shipping, that's enough to charge a small battery, like an AA, but not really a powerbank.

Update June 2019: The epoxy-coated solar panels get cloudy the more they are in the sun, thus reducing their effectiveness. Caution is advised when using these. 

Example here.

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