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Friday, September 9, 2016

Heterodox Academy wants to improve free speech

For 20+ years universities across the US and other countries have found their free speech limited by parties who want "safe spaces" because their fragile emotional state means they cannot deal with people who disagree with them. Not only that but PC people threaten speech and idea diversity, though they claim to be diversity themselves. The Hetrodox Academy wants to crush the PC madness and allow more dissenting viewpoints across more college campuses.
The resolutions urge (1) the Faculty Senate at schools to adopt the University of Chicago's Principles on Freedom of Expression, or (2) implement a non-obstruction policy against shouting down controversial speakers, or (3) asks the university to explicitly include viewpoint diversity in its faculty hiring and curriculum policies.
Speakers have been cancelled just because someone was "offended", and in the past many universities have supported this lack of diversity in viewpoints. The Hetrodox Academy attempts to remedy that.


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