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Monday, February 20, 2017

DIY Magnesium, graphite, and salt water battery

Here's a Youtube video about making a DIY battery from magnesium, graphite, and salt water as the electrolyte.

  1. I got magnesium ribbon from Ebay. 
  2. Graphite is what's in most US pencils these days, it's not actually lead, the metal. So carefully cut away the wood from a pencil, and you are left with a graphite core. 
  3. Any saltwater solution can be made. You can start with a weak one: 100ml water, 1tsp salt. Take a voltage reading with a multimeter. 
  4. Add another 1tsp of salt and stir well. Take another voltage reading. 

  • How good is this battery compared to other DIY batteries in this series? 
  • What if you change the electrolyte to vinegar? Lemon juice? Soda? Do the volts go up or down?

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