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Friday, May 19, 2017

Monsanto used army of shills to stop negative comments?

At least one news site is reporting that Monsanto used an army of shills to crack down on people who posted negative things about Monsanto or its products.

The case challenges Monsanto’s corrupt relationship with members of the Environmental Protection Agency and their attempts to manipulate scientific publications and crack down on online dissent. Monsanto’s ‘Let Nothing Go’ campaign allegedly hired online ‘shills’ to quickly respond to social media chatter about the carcinogenic properties of their ‘RoundUp’ product.  

  1. Not much surprise if Monsanto colluded with EPA. EPA fired a scientist who started talking about the dangers of toxic sludge being put on farms all over America.  
  2. The EPA claims Bt is safe for people when research shows otherwise (studies at link). 
  3. EPA toxicity levels for neonics in water are far too lax.
  4. Monsanto even claimed PCBs were safe right up to the last lawsuit
  5. And Monsanto exec admits they faked study data.

Read more here.

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