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Monday, August 28, 2017

Turn any web page into an EPUB

I don't like PDFs because they can't increase the font size while reading them or wrap the words to any device screen size. On a tablet, a PDF leaves me zooming into a PDF and scrolling left and right, up and down, just to read the text. So I prefer EPUB. I found this website to change any web page into an EPUB. My first test was a journal article that had some type of Javascript left side table of contents, and it worked great. The resulting epub removed the Javascript TOC and the EPUB came out great.

They even have a bookmarklet that makes it easier to use. Go to for more information.

I didn't do extensive testing with a variety of web pages but this would be handy for journal articles that are only available online, or newspaper articles, or saving project or how-to pages.

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