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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

BPA found in 16,000 foods and beverages

EWG now has a database showing 16,000 foods contaminated with the endocrine-disrupting chemical BPA. BPA (bisphenol A) can disrupt hormones in the human body creating a host of problems. BPA is a one of a class of chemicals called "phthalates". BPA makes plastics softer so they don't crack. So they are used in plastics for can liners, plastic containers, and just about every plastic. Plastic without phthalates is brittle and breaks easily. Plain plastic is simply not usable in everyday life.

Containers that are BPA free are not safe. Manufacturers simply replace one phthalate with another, which would be even more damaging to people and animals.

How to avoid exposure to BPA
  1. In most cases it's impossible to completely avoid exposure to BPA. Food ingredients are shipped to factories in plastic wrap or plastic containers. But the longer the food sits in contact with the BPA, the more BPA it likely has.
  2. Buy food sold only in glass jars. 
  3. Store food in glass jars. The resealable glass jars with a latching lid and rubber seal are more and more common in the US these days. 
  4. Most cans have plastic liners, but especially for acidic foods like tomatoe products and green beans. Avoid canned foods.
  5. Avoid freezing food in plastic bags unless the food is wrapped in waxed paper. 
  6. Do not allow food to come into contact with plastic for long periods of time. 
  7. Plastic syringes and IV drip bags also contain BPA.

  1. A study showed fast food consumers had BPA in their blood. Click here.
  2. BPA exposure early in life linked to depression and inattention. Click here.
  3. Endocrine disruptors found in most US streams tested. Click here.


More info on BPA click here.

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