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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Download all Gutenberg English books

How to download all Project Gutenberg English books

This link talks about some ideas. But the question is from 2011.

From Project Gutenberg: How to get all ebooks.

PG: How to Mirror the site. They recommend using 'rsync', available for Linux and Windows.

PG: getting a certain file type (EPUB, HTML, MOBI, etc).
Ex: wget -w 2 -m -H "[]=html"
Replace "html" with your filetype, which is one of these: epub.image, epub.noimages, txt, kindle.images, kindle.noimages, mp3 or html.

Or use wget and start with this URL: (most of these are zip files which contain txt files)

Download data to make a CD or dual-layer DVD. The most recent file is from 2010, so it's not updated often.

More info
The list of PG mirrors. Very wide text format.

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