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Thursday, October 20, 2016

PAN releases body of studies showing danger of glyphosate

Oct 11, 2016. The Pesticide Action Network released a body of studies showing the danger of glyphosate.
Adverse human impacts detailed in the review include acute poisoning, kidney and liver damage, imbalances in the intestinal microbiome and intestinal functioning, cancer, genotoxicity, endocrine disruption, reproductive and developmental reduction, neurological damage, and immune system dysfunction.
Glyphosate is sprayed on numerous crops and plantations, including about 80% of genetically engineered, or GE crops, as well as a pre-harvest desiccant, which results in high food residues.  
Scientists and regulators continue to give undeserved weight to studies paid for by Monsanto but not peer-reviewed. Science means being open-minded enough to entertain all possiblilities, regardless of how uncomfortable those possiblities are. Ignoring uncomfortable possibilities is not science, it's religion. And pandering to corporations is not science either.

The PDF file is here. 96 pages.Contents:

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