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Saturday, June 17, 2017

New Spark drone only $500usd

Why is this a big deal? Because it has features of more expensive drones. The Spark from DJI has these high-end features:
  1. 16 minutes of battery life. (Not bad for a drone this size.)
  2. 12 megapixel camera (12 million pixels).
  3. HD 720p real-time Wi-Fi transmits video 2km away.
  4. Intuitive gesture controls so you can fly it without using a controller or smart phone. (I assume the camera would have to be looking at the user for this to work.)
  5. Built-in motion tracking to keep important people or objects in frame. 
  6. VPS range: 30m
  7. Transmission range: 2km (1.2 miles)
  8. Speed: 50km/h.
  9. 2 axis gimbal
  10. Requires smart phone to control: 
  11. First person view: YES. Supports DJI goggles.
  12. Return home function: YES.
  13. Quickshot modes for making videos. DRONIE: drone watches target and flies up and backwards. ROCKET: Drone points camera down and flies straight up. CIRCLE: circle around your target. HELIX: fly upward circling around your target. 
  14. TRACE: follow your subject from front or behind or circle around it. 
  15. PROFILE: follow subject from a fixed perspective.

But this drone is not for beginners. The Mavic Pro is $1000 and is the next smallest drone.

To be released June 15, 2017.

Popular Mechanics. May 24, 2017.

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