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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

DIY camping stoves

Like to make new things? Like to make new things from discarded items? Like to have a stove to cook on during a power outage? Take a look at these easy to make DIY camping stoves.

The basic stove

The basic stove is called a "hobo stove" and uses small bits of wood or pinecones for fuel. Leaves or paper are sometimes used to start the file. It is normally big enough to put a small one-person pan on top or boil a quart of water. Fuel can normally be found all over the US.

The hobo stove

The hobo stove usually has holes in the bottom and top edges. They can be made from a variety of metal cans like paint cans, or metal coffee cans, or large food cans. Fancier hobo stoves will have a sliding door to cover the air holes in the bottom of the can.

One variation of hobo stove from metal coffee can.
 Hobo stove cutaway:

The Rocket stove and variations

The rocket stove is similar to the hobo stove in that it has an insulated vertical chimney. The insulation can help direct more heat to the pot sitting on top of the stove. Larger versions of rocket stoves can also be used to heat a house as the insulated portions of the stove, which are often cement, act as thermal mass to release heat slowly over time.

Another rocket stove.

The alcohol stove

The alcohol stove has many designs but it uses alcohol for fuel. Alcohol can be isopropyl, at least 70%, but people normally use methylated spirits (methyl alcohol) found in the paint department in the US. Alcohol stoves come in various configurations.

Coke can alcohol stove.

A German-style alcohol stove (so-called because they used this style in WW2) is like this. But can often be found for $7-10usd on Aliexpress., has all kinds of commercial alcohol stoves!

Many kinds of camping stoves on!

The open flame alcohol stove:

Other stoves

There are also kettle stoves usually used to boil water for coffee or instant food, or to boil soup.

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