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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Food Revolution documentary pushes toxic chemicals

The documentary "Food Revolution" pushes the toxic chemical industry.But there has been quite a history of lying and hiding studies in the past.
  1. 1985: Monsanto admits glyphosate could cause cancer
  2. Monsanto used army of shills to promote pesticides. If it was safe, why the need for paid shills?
  3. Monsanto faces more cancer lawsuits. If it was safe, why all the lawsuits? 
  4. Low levels of Roundup cause liver disease in rats. But they said it was safe? 
  5. Scotts GMO grass escapes test beds. But they said it couldn't escape? 
  6. GM soy linked to sick pigs.  
  7. Monsanto GMO corn damaged intestines.
  8. USDA: 85% of foods tested contain glyphosate
  9. High levels of glyphosate found in many American foods. Lists the foods that were tested, with brands.
  10. Study: glyphosate kills good bacteria in the gut. This leads to several chronic illnesses.
  11. Study: glyphosate linked to more disease
  12. Study: Glyphosate damages algae. Monsanto says "not fair!"
  13. Monsanto and EU hid studies showing dangers of glyphosate (Roundup). But if it's safe, why hide the studies?
  14. Consensus of scientists: Roundup is bad for the body!

Each month more studies come out showing the dangers of pesticides, yet industry keeps saying they are safe. Look at all the times the chemical industry hid studies, lied by omission, and independent studies proved them wrong. It's ridiculous.


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