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Friday, July 14, 2017

Internet In A box for $50usd

Internet In A Box (IIAB) is a Raspberry Pi computer that acts as a wifi access point (WAP). It is designed for poor people and poor countries without reliable internet access, to help with their access to information, to further their education. It's also good for people with no internet access, home schooled kids, and if internet is unreliable, or in an off-grid scenario.

You can hook it up to a real internet connection, but you don't have to. You can also add your own content via a USB flash drive. Here are some of the content collections in the box you receive from IIAB:
  1. Wikipedia for Schools
  2. Offline Medical Encyclopedia
  3. Wiktionary
  4. Wikispecies
  5. Khan Academy Lite
  6. Moodle
  7. OpenStreetMap
  8. Owncloud
  9. PhET (interactive mathematics and science simulations)
  10. Science TED Talks
  11. Sugarizer
  12. Wikibooks
Brought to you by the people who made One Laptop Per Child. 

Similar links with similar devices or downloadable content
  1. Kiwix is a reader program for reading ZIM files offline. However all content must be converted to ZIM in order for Kiwix to read it. 
  2. Lantern receives data from satellites so you can use it offline. Pick and choose which "packs" you want to update. 
  3. lists more similar projects. Some come with hardware and content, other projects are just content. 

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