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Monday, February 29, 2016

Does talc cause ovarian cancer?

Jury says Johnson and  Johnson must award $72 million to family of Jacqueline Fox, who died from ovarian cancer, and used talcum powder for many years in the genital area.

So, does talc cause ovarian cancer? And how often does it do so?

This page from says there is no clear connection, or correlation, but there are a lot of studies on this page you can read up on. Some talc comes with asbestos which is naturally part of the talc deposit, but this asbestos-containing talc has been banned since the 1970s. When in doubt, avoid the substance entirely.

If you want to find free text of the whole study, here are some websites you can look through. The DOI number is a unique, universal number used to identify studies. Sometimes the DOI is all you need to search for a study.

UPDATE 3/1/16: A meta study of thousands of cases and controls. Thanks to my sister! Hi sis!

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