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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Glyphosate found in urine

Glyphosate found in urine of all samples. Link to English. Dutch and French versions also available.

The urine of city workers, journalists and lawyers, who had no direct contact with glyphosate, was examined for glyphosate contamination by a research team at the University of Leipzig. The study found glyphosate in all urine samples at values ranging from 0.5 to 2 ng glyphosate per ml urine (drinking water limit: 0.1 ng / ml). None of the examinees had direct contact with agriculture.
Even more dangerous now is the increasing use of herbicides in the EU over the past several years for the desiccation of entire stocks of harvestable crop. “Spraying crops to death”, as desiccation should be more aptly called, means that herbicides are being sprayed directly on the crops shortly before they are to be harvested to facilitate the harvest by uniformly killing off all living plants (including the crops) on the field. 
In 2009, a Seralini study shows glyphosphate kills cell cultures.

Another study shows unhealthy people have extremely high levels of glyphosate in their urine.

A study showing glyphosate in breast milk. Monsanto claims glyphosate is excreted out of the body. This article debunks the study. You decide if the debunking shows science or politics is more important.

Glyphosate found in the blood in 2013 (pdf) of people from 18 different countries, 182 samples. Another study of how glyphosate affects blood cells. Website of study abstract here.

Hillary supports GMOs which use glyphosate.

2004 Study: Monitoring farms and their families for glyphosate. Some points:

  1. We evaluated 24-hr composite urine samples for each family member the day before, the day of, and for 3 days after a glyphosate application. 
  2. Sixty percent of farmers had detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine on the day of application. The geometric mean (GM) concentration was 3 ppb, the maximum value was 233 ppb, and the highest estimated systemic dose was 0.004 mg/kg. 
  3. Farmers who did not use rubber gloves had higher GM urinary concentrations than did other farmers (10 ppb vs. 2.0 ppb).
2013 News: EPA raises residue limits of glyphosate on food. Not good. Here's the actual document though comments are closed.

The EPA page on glyphosate. This EPA page has links to tolerance limits (from EPA), studies, and more. EPA limits on drinking water contaminants. For glyphosphate, scroll down to Organic Chemicals.

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