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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Welcome to my blog!

This is my new blog. I want to cover mostly health issues, and how they related to individuals, and politics. I want to eventually set up an RSS feed so you can download content to a tablet or phone and read it that way too.

A note about labels I use for my blog posts. 
  1. app: an app for iPhone, Android or other portable device is mentioned.
  2. spreadsheet: a spreadsheet with data is mentioned.
  3. website: a website relating to health info, or a health utility is mentioned.
  4. sugar: blog post is mainly about sugar. 
  5. GMO: blog post is mainly about GMO products, studies, or issues.

RSS Feeds

We have syndication of FULL articles! Not partial articles. So when you download/update your RSS feed to this blog, you should get the WHOLE article to read offline. These are the RSS feed addresses:

  • Atom 1.0:
  • RSS 2.0:
Stay tuned!

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