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Monday, February 22, 2016

US congress considers updating food labels with added sugar content

(In order to understand the whole issue one needs to know the history of the issue, and a pattern of contempt of health, and massive negligence of the food industries. In this article from 2014, Campbell's opposes adding the added sugar amount to the label.)

In Washington, a pivotal battle over sugar is heating up. One small corner of the wider culture war over public health and sweeteners, this fight isn't about how much sugar should be in your food, but how much you should know about it.

U.S. food regulators say the public needs to know how much sugar manufacturers add to their products, beyond the sweetener that naturally occurs in the raw ingredients. Companies such as Campbell Soup Company oppose the addition. While the company says it supports better food labels, it warns that making a distinction in the source of sugar risks dangerous confusion.

From Feb 2014.

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