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Monday, May 30, 2016

Raw data, History of inflammatory diseases

I've been collecting data on inflammatory diseases going back to the 1980s. The rise in many inflammatory disease is highly correlated with the usage of glyphosate. If you want the raw numbers here is a Google spreadsheet you can view.

If you want to copy it you have my permission. If you have any problems getting access or copying it to your Google Drive, leave a comment here. You should not have to have, or log in to, a Google account to view this.

Different measures cover different years but here is what I have historical rates for.

Tab "Master Percent": asthma, allergies,  ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, autism, serious psych difficulties, depression, any mental illness. The sources for this tab are on the "Sources" tab.

Tab "Chronic Conditions": percent with high blood pressure, depression, percent with 2 or 3 chronic conditions, pct with 4-5 chronic conditions.

  1. In the case a single number spans multiple years, the beginning year and each succeeding years in that group will have the same value. Ex: Years 1988-1990 have a value of 1%. Years 1991-1993 have a value of 2%. Year 1988-1990 will each contain 1%, years 1991-1993 will have a value of 2%.

Link to spreadsheet:

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