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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Print free ledger accounting paper

This blog isn't just about being healthy it's also a bit about being frugal, budgeting, and sustainability.

Along that line here are some sites where you can print your own accounting paper for keeping track of your income, expenses, and budget. For example we have a food budget and add $100 per week (as income assigned to food). Then as we spend money on food we enter the amount of what we spent on food in the "expense" column, and calculate the balance to put in the "balance" column. So if we start out with $100 we have an entry for adding $100 and the balance is $100. If we spend $25 on food, we have an entry for $25 in the expense column the balance would be $75 in the balance column. And it looks like this.

Income Expense Balance
Weekly add $100100100
Groceries 5/25/16 2575

  1. Printable Paper Ledger paper. Many types of ledger and graph paper. Available as PDFs. Graph paper here.  Many categories of paper like penmanship (for grade school), hex paper, log paper, for quilting, calligraphy, cross stitch, etc.
  2. **Incompetech. Lots of ledger paper in many sizes and many columns from 2 to 6 columns. These are provided as PDFs which you can save to your C: drive. 
  3. Printfree. Some of these printable grids are in html.
  4. Print-Graph-Paper. Several types of graph paper including isometric, squares, log. 
  5. Print Free Graph Paper. Choose several basic types of graph paper and customize it from there. Uses dropdown boxes to be very flexible. This creates a custom PDF but I wasn't able to download it. 
  6. Google image search for graph paper. 

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