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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Now, how do we organize all these studies and information?

I started wondering how to allow people to search all the studies I'm collecting online. I'd like to organize studies with tags for substances tested (BPA, glyphosate/Roundup, etc), body systems affected (brain, lungs, liver, reproductive), diseases caused (neurological, cancer, developmental, fertility, etc) and animals tested (lacewing, tadpole, human, etc).

Use XML with XSLT.

Another product I'm trying is
  1. It's free. No ads. These are all the free features.
  2. It has plugins for Firefox and Chrome and a standalone app. It allows you to go to an NIH/PMC study, click the plugin icon, and save the reference to that study. Zotero breaks up the info into many different fields like authors (more than 1 possible), title, journal, date of publication. And it has tags, where you can make your own custom tags, and search on tags. For example if I search on '#lead' Zotero will pull up all studies that cover lead. Some if I search for '#anxiety' Zotero will pull up all studies that found anxiety as a result of exposure. 
  3. I also make tags for the animal studied like: #fish, #frog, #human, #mouse, #rat, #plant, etc.
  4. Make subfolders for grouping your bibliographies by topic. I have some for lead, BPA, and glyphosate.
  5. Export a folder to various biblio formats. 
  6. Make notes on every study. 
  7. Sync your biblio between different PCs and browsers. 
  8. As of yet, there are no user-defined fields where I can study the number of subjects that were tested. If only 4 humans were studied, that's not a great study. 

Firefox Plugins

Sticky Notes. Allows you to put sticky notes on webpages. Why? To take notes or summarize each study you find.

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