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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Iowa Farmer: GMOs are complete failure

An Iowa farmer tells how GMO crops kill critical birds and insects. (This year for the first time ever I have to hand pollinate my own cukes.) George Naylor comes form a long line of farmers. With GMO crops farmers go into a spiral of debt one reason being because they cannot collect their own seed, they must buy new seed each year. Even the corn rootworm has become resistant to GMO crops.

GMO crops also produce super weeds. Roundup Ready crops add poisonous glyphosate to foods. See Breakfast foods contain glyphosate.

And just a few more problems:
  1. India has GMO problems.
  2. Some plants produce the poison Bt. Monarch caterpillars killed by Bt pollen
  3. Aphids stopped ignoring GMO wheat in UK


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