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Thursday, July 21, 2016

New TiddlyWiki 5.1.12

TiddlyWiki is a single HTML file where you can take notes. You can open it in any browser and edit those notes, just like a wiki. The TiddlyWiki concept is most closely related to the old Apple Hyperstack cards of the 1980s, or an actual Wiki, like Wikipedia. Go to the TiddlyWiki link in the next paragraph and what you see is an actual TiddlyWiki about TiddlyWiki. Each "card" is called a Tiddler.

TiddlyWiki has a new version, 5.1.12. This version supports markdown. You can have a whole wiki in a single self-modifying HTML file. You can also host it on a website for free at You will be able to edit your TiddlyWiki but others without the password will not. That is, others can edit your TiddlyWiki, but they will not be able to save their changes.

TiddlyWiki is useful for storing and finding information like:
  1. Todo lists with check boxes.
  2. Planning a wedding, party, graduation, or other event.
  3. Taking notes on a new language.
  4. Summarizing a computer language.
  5. Storing recipes. 
  6. Storing project notes.  
  7.  Reminders with alarms.
  8. Organizing just about any information. 

What's new
  1. New text editor toolbars
  2. New bitmap editor toolbars with usable drawing tools
  3. Upgraded KaTeX and CodeMirror plugins
  4. Experimental Evernote import by dragging .enex files
  5. Added a bulk delete button to advanced search "Filter" tab
  6. Introduction of the new WikifyWidget
  7. New "internals" plugin that allows results of parsing and rendering to be previewed
  8. Many bug fixes

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