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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Is thimerisal safe to inject into people?

Thimerosal is a mercury compound that is widely used in the US to preserve vaccines. Here are some studies showing toxicity of thimerosal.

  1. List of 165 studies showing thimerosal is harmful. It's an XLSX file. You will need Excel or LibreOffice (free) to open it.
  2. 2003. Thimerosal causes cell death, cell membrane damage, DNA damage and more in human neurons and fibroblasts. "Changes in cell viability rapidly occurred after administration of thimerosal in all cell cultures and were detected by the loss of ability to exclude the fluorescent dye DAPI."
  3. 2010. Exposure to thimerosal as infants shown to cause lasting changes in mu opioid receptors in the brain.  They have increased sensitivity to morphine. Thimerosal's toxicity is likely augmented by other chemicals in the vaccines.
  4. 2012. Thimerosal is well-known to be toxic to brain cells. They tested muscle cells and found thimerosal to significantly inhibit cell growth.
  5. 2014. 99% of T-cells were exposed to a vaccine called Pandemrix were killed overnight.
  6. 2014. Super small nanomolar concentrations of thimerosal prevents dendritic cell maturation. Vaccine used: Panenza.
  7. 2014. "Thimerosal is initially metabolized into ethyl-Hg compounds and thiosalicylate and rapidly binds onto thiol groups found on many proteins in human blood [2]. It is then actively transported across the blood brain barrier, including by the l-type neutral amino acid carrier transport (LAT) system, into human neuronal cells [3, 4], where it significantly accumulates and persists for many months following exposure and alters numbers of neurons in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus and thalamus [5, 6]."
  8. 2014. Scientists complain about methodologies in studies about the safety of thimerosal. While the CDC says the additive is safe, another CDC study found children were 7.6x more likely to get autism.

That should keep you busy for a while. :)

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