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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Demand for organic feed increasing

This mill wants farmers to have animal feed which doesn't sicken their animals. Sick and dead animals are expensive for farmers.

Farmers describe how GMO feed makes their animals sick:
Many things were tried, but the one common thread among the farmers on the film was that they all ditched GMO feed for a non-GMO blend. The improvements were significant and they were noticed in a short period of time. The cows and pigs continued to improve more and more as time went on.
Danish farmer switches to non-GMO feed, health of pigs improve dramatically.

Iowa farmer switches to non-GMO feed, drug costs for animals cut in half. Jim Blomgren switches to non-GMO seed, which is cheaper.

Long-term toxicology study on pigs fed GMO feed. PDF. ISSN 1177-4258. Journal of Organic Systems, 2013. Flawed study claims GMO feed is safe. Discussion here.

Scratch and Peck.

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