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Monday, March 7, 2016

Buy your BBB rating for cash

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that is supposed to tell consumers which businesses are honest, and which to avoid. This 2010 article says BBB will stop giving A+ ratings to paying members. But this Mar 3, 2016 article says Trump University's rating magically went from D- to A+ after Trump paid a BBB membership fee. Trump University currently has 3 active lawsuits against it.
On "Good Morning America" today, Trump said that the company's grades went up after unspecified information was shared with the BBB, but the BBB would not comment on the details of the grades of the now-defunct company. 
Guillo, a former student of Trump University and his son spent nearly $36,000 to take Trump's courses and he believes he learned little specialized expertise from the program."A lot of the information they taught seemed to come from the website or could have been easily gathered from the IRS website," Guillo said in an affidavit about what he learned at the Trump Elite Programs retreats. "After the first seminar, I began to realize I had been taken."According to the affidavit, Guillo said that he felt that he had to complete a satisfaction questionnaire in order to get a certificate of completion for the course. 
Apparently Mr Trump couldn't care less what his university stands for, because it seems to stand for nothing except a money grab, just like Mr. Trump himself. 

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