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Thursday, March 31, 2016

More concerns that "Glyphosate is safe" studies were paid for

There are more concerns that for-profit scientists are being bought by biotech companies to claim the biotech products are safe. One example is for Roundup, aka glyphosate. There were 5 independent studies, 3 of which found glyphosate was an EDC. There were 27 studies of glyphosate paid for by industry, but not one found glyphosate was harmful to rats. Although some of the rates in some studies died, these findings were consistently dismissed. Keep in mind that Monsanto also used Sprague-Dawley rats when it used a study to get approval for GMO corn in Europe.

Just recently, the USDA stopped requiring farms to have permits when using Monsanto GMO corn.

Source: The Intercept.

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