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Monday, March 7, 2016

Create a PDF of a web page or whole website!

In Acrobat Pro X you can create a PDF from a single web page or a whole website.

Go to File, Create, PDF from web page.

Also in the upper left of Acrobat Pro X you can click the Create button, and then Create PDF from web page. Notice the slightly different wording here.

From there you can choose options as to how many levels deep you want to go into the web page, and if you just want pages from the original server or external servers also. By default it only gets the single web page and no sub pages. If there are HTML links to inside the html page, it supports those too. Here's a test page of Ch 18 of the TPP, the one for Intellectual Property (book copyrights, etc).

I noticed it doesn't work with some web addresses. It seems the URL must end with an HTML file, or other file. Ending the web address with a directory, like on Pinterest, doesn't work. You just get a series of blank PDF pages.

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