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Monday, March 14, 2016

New data storage technologies

DNA storage can store 2000TB per gram

From Infostor. Scientists are still working on using DNA to store data. In the UK scientists have shown that data written to DNA can be read with 100% accuracy. This accuracy is important. And DNA is very stable, they have read woolly mammoth DNA that's thousands of years old. The DNA molecule is so dense 1 gram of DNA can store 2000TB of data. That's a lot of movies!

The Economist reports in 2013, that this started as a joke among friends at a bar. But soon the idea was fleshed out and seemed workable. The Economist also mentions that storage is now up to 2.2 petabytes per gram. But the current cost is $12,400usd per megabyte.

Current technology is binary, a position on a hard drive (or other media) can be either a zero or one. But I wonder, if they used DNA, they could have 4 choices to choose from for each position in the storage media: A, C, G and T.

Toshiba SSDs reach 1.92TBs

Infostor, Feb 24, 2016. Using 15nm MLC NAND chips, Toshiba is producing Solid State Drives in sizes from 240GB to 1.92TB. Data transfers are 6 gigabits per second with a SATA interface.

Samsung shipping monster 16TB SSD!

ExtremeTech, Mar 3, 2016. Reads/Writes in excess of 1200MB/s.Cost of the PM1633a, about $5000-8000 per TB.

Data storage crystal can hold 360TB

Around 2007 I read about a data storage crystal that used a 3d laser to read and write bits. I wonder if this is the same group of people.

ExtremeTech, Feb 17, 2016. Using nanostructured glass, scientists at University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Center have created a crystalline storage medium in quartz.

Data porn

Which hard drive is the most reliable? See this article from ExtremeTech. It uses 41,000 hard drives from Backblaze.

Most dense hard drive yet stores 500TB per square inch

2016-07-21. But it needs to operate in a vacuum at -321F, and there are other hurdles to get over first. It does store data at the atomic level and it has been several decades in the making.

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