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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Firefox addon: Grab web page as EPUB file

GrabMyBooks will grab a single webpage, or follow links to a depth you desire and then create an EPUB file for your portable device (or any device). This can be used for downloading online manuals, online books, online magazines, etc. But the address you specify must be an actual HTM, HTML, or other file, it will not grab items if the web address ends in a slash.

  1. Takes only one address at a time but you specify depth of grabbing, and whether or not you want to get pages external to the original address, or just similar to the original address. 

Also, Acrobat Pro X can download a website into a PDF, but it also needs a web file as a starting address. This does not work with the free Acrobat Reader, you must buy Acrobat Pro.

Example valid web file:

Example invalid directory name:

If the web address ends with a slash, it's not a file and cannot be used with Acrobat or GrabMyBooks to download a site.

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