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Friday, March 18, 2016

The failure of the scientific establishment

The scientific establishment, that is, the majority of those who decide what is science, what is not, and what gets published and disseminated to the public, has a long history of being wrong, sometimes with great risk to life and limb. Industry, even the biggest companies, want profit at the expense of the people and their health. A few examples:

  1. Cigarettes are healthy. See this blog post.
  2. Asbestos is harmless. See this blog post.
  3. Lead pipes are safe. Detailed here in this blog post.
  4. Glyphosphate is harmless. The CDC and EPA disagree on whether glyphosphate, aka Roundup, is safe or not. Even Monsanto has been charged with crimes against humanity by a Monsanto Tribunal.
Be careful when a company or industry spends millions of dollars in marketing, instead of studies, to claim something is safe. It probably isn't. Have an open mind about new research to try and find what works for you. Don't always believe the mainstream scientific establishment.Protect your health as much as you can.

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