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Friday, June 10, 2016

Applebaum rape was a lie, by her friends!

Jacob Applebaum was accused of sexual assault by some "eyewitnesses". The girl who was with Jacob, the supposed victim, denies the allegations and explains what happens. The "eyewitnesses" make sweeping and extreme, unfounded accusations, and damage any credibility for actual rape victims and give the impression that all rape victims should be automatically disbelieved. These "eyewitnesses" damage real rape victims and they should be fined or charged with something.

Knee-jerk white knights are very damaging for society, and actual victims, and they should be stopped. And journalists should confirm the story from a better source before posting it. Now the journalists are open for a lawsuit for defamation because, they basically spread a lie.

White Knight SJWs are mentally disturbed, cannot control themselves, and are now hurting other people, and the authorities need to put a stop to this immediately.


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