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Sunday, June 5, 2016

GMO crops not fair, not sustainable, very damaging

  1. GMO crops are not sustainable. Farmers cannot collect their own seed from their first ripened crop. They must buy seed every year. This keeps people in poverty. 
  2. GMO crops are highly dangerous. The decline of the monarch butterfly by 90% is blamed on GMO crops that produce their on Bt toxin. 
  3. GMO crops increase the amount of pesticides used. These  pesticides get into the food chain, causing many illnesses in people, and get into the environment, killing and sickening many animals, and damaging streams and wildlife. Glyphosate found in 51 streams. Monsanto causing autism? Pesticides in your pills and supplements. Pesticides in organic food. People are wanting to test their own food too. Monsanto breaks GMO law in India. Sperm counts declining since 1938.
  4. Just like the injudicious use of antibiotics creating super bacteria, GMO crops are producing super weeds that are resistant to Roundup. This creates a market for doubly harmful pesticides with 2 active ingredients, which further fouls up the water and food supply, thus increasing medical costs for almost all people in the US. Americans are more 5.8x exposed to glyphosate than Europeans
  5. GMOs and Monsanto's predatory legal actions steal farms from innocent farmers. If GMO pollen blows into another farmer's field, the farmer can be sued, and the legal expenses alone can cause the farmer to sell their farm and lose everything. Monsanto sues, and wins, against things the defendant cannot control.

GM Freeze.

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