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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Philadelphia passes sugary drink tax

Philadelphia recently passed the sugary drink tax which adds 1.5 cents to every ounce of a sugary drink, but this raises a lot of questions.
  1. How many computer systems will need to be updated to track the size of each and every drink? 
  2. Does this count coffee drinks, which are also loaded with sugar? 
  3. Does this count frozen drinks like slurpees? 
  4. Does this count sweet tea? It also has a lot of sugar. 
  5. Does it count sports drinks, energy drinks? They also have lots of sugar. 

For a 32oz Big Gulp the sugar tax (excluding sales tax) is 48 cents. Berkeley, CA was the first to pass a sugary drink tax. I can see many industries pushing back against this.

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