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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When Monsanto stole their farms

In 2013 the US Supreme court sided with Monsanto in a case where farmers were saving Monsanto GMO seed to grow the next year. The courts agreed with Monsanto that saving seed violates a written and signed agreement with the farmers.

A related issue: If pollen from GMO seed gets into another Farmer2's fields, that means Farmer2 is violating a Monsanto agreement, which he didn't even know about or sign! And farms have been taken away via this technicality because the farmers couldn't pay the Monsanto fine. This is also called "genetic drift". (Case 1, the Fitzgeralds in 2001.)

Read more about consistent treachery from Monsanto at the Monsanto Timeline. The EPA knew in 1987 that glyphosate caused cancer in rats. Also on that page.

  1. Ecowatch
  2. Case: Bowman vs Monsanto. Link to PDF.
  3. These Charts Show Every Genetically Modified Food People Already Eat in the U.S. Time. Apr 30 2015. It's not just the GMOs that are grown in the US, it's the GMOs that are eaten in the US too. 
Related info
2001. Monsanto sues the Nelson farm in North Dakota. Nelson Farm.
2013-05-13. Mr. Bowmen in Indiana loses lawsuit from Monsanto. Result: farmers cannot save GMO seed from one crop to the next. ABC. 2014-08-29. Monsanto doesn't lose a single case against farmers out of 145 lawsuits.
2015-09-29. Monsanto sues farmer for cleaning GMO Monsanto seed. Modern Farmer.

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