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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Facebook to censor "hate speech"

I don't have a problem with people censoring hate speech, if the words actually fit the dictionary definition. But some people of the younger generation have redefined hate speech to be "anything that hurts my feewings". This definition is not acceptable because free speech already does not allow hate speech in the US, and censoring free speech is not acceptable. Nor is kissing the arse of a vocal minority who can't handle when someone disagrees with them.

The Social Justice Warriors have created a cult of hate and intolerance, whereby if they don't like something, they claim "hate speech", and demand "safe spaces" where people cannot disagree with them. This SJW mentality has spread to poison more people on the periphery of the SJW movement.

For an alternative to Facebook go to this newer site:  You got tired of endless requests for Farmville items, right? No ID required, encrypted chat rooms, unlimited friends, they won't collect OR sell your data.

Speak out against intolerance and hate wherever you see it. Just don't complain if someone calls you out for not even knowing the difference between suppressing hate speech, and being intolerant. Even if people disagree they can still be civil.

Before it's news.

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