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Monday, April 11, 2016

Polls say people want GMOs labelled, biotech ignores them

These are all different polls in date order. Number of polls that show people want GMOs labeled: 49

  1. 1992: 85% of those polled think that labeling of GE food is “very important” (USDA, 1992).
  2. 1992: In an FDA sponsored survey in 1992, 8 state attorneys general asked the FDA to require mandatory labeling of all GE foods.
  3. Mar 1994: 81% of 8,000 subscribers to PRODIGY Internet service think that milk containers should be labeled to indicate whether or not the milk comes from cows treated with rbGH. 92% of women; 78% of men (PRODIGY Internet company, March 1994).
  4. Feb 1994: 88% of respondents favor mandatory labeling from rbGH-treated cows, 9% oppose mandatory labeling and 3% are unsure (St. Norbert College and Wisc. Pub. Radio, February 1994).
  5. Feb 1995: 92% of 36,000 polled say they want GE food labeled, with a 94% pro-labeling response from women and a 84% pro-labeling response from men. (Vance Publishing, in Food R&D, February 1995).
  6. Jun 1995: 94% of 1,900 consumers polled believed that milk should be labeled to distinguish milk from rbGH-treated cows, 10% of milk drinkers say they buy their products from non-treated cows and more than 74% of consumers say they are concerned about the possible discovery of negative long-term effects on human health associated with rbGH. (USDA, March-June 1995).
  7. July 1995: 84% of 604 New Jersey residents polled want mandatory labeling of GE fruits and vegetables, 60% would consider buying fresh vegetables if they were labeled as having been produced by genetic engineering and 76% favor farmers voluntarily putting labels on their produce that say the items were not genetically engineered. (USDA, July 1995).
  8. Feb 1997: 93% of Americans who responded to a Novartis survey agree that GE foods should be labeled as such. 73% of those agree strongly with the position. (Novartis, February 1997). 25% say they would be likely to avoid labeled GE foods.
  9. 1998: 93% of women surveyed say they want all GE food clearly labeled. (National Federation of Women’s Institutes, 1998).
  10. Jan 1999: 81% of American consumers believe GE food should be labeled. 58% say that if GE foods were labeled they would avoid purchasing them. (Time magazine, January 1999).
  11. Sept 1999: 92% of Americans support legal requirements that all genetically engineered
    foods be labeled. (BSMG Worldwide for the Grocery Manufacturers of America, September 1999).
  12. Sept 1999: Almost 70% of Americans think the U.S. government should require more extensive labeling of ingredients in genetically engineered food. (Edelman Public Relations Worldwide in Bloomberg News, September 1999).
  13. Sep 2001. 90% of Americans said foods created through genetic engineering processes should have special labels on them (Rutgers University’ Food Policy Institute study, November 2001)
  14. Sep 2001. 90% of American farmers support labels on biotech products if they are scientifically different from conventional foods and 61% support labels on biotech products even if not scientifically different. (Farm Foundation/Kansas State University, survey of farms throughout the U.S., September 2001)
  15. Mar 2001: 75% of Americans say it is important to them to know whether a food product contains genetically modified ingredients. (Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology poll, March 2001).
  16. Jun 2000: 86% of Americans think that the government should require the labeling of all packaged and other food products stating that they include corn, soy or other products which have come from genetically modified crops (Harris Poll, June 2000).
  17. Feb 2000: 79% of Americans said it should not be legal to sell genetically modified fruits and vegetables without special labels (USA Today, February 2000).
  18. Mar 2000: 86% of Americans want labels on genetically engineered foods (International Communications Research, March 2000)
  19. Jan 2000: 81% of Americans think the government should require genetically engineered food products to be labeled. 89% of Americans think the government should require pre-market safety testing of genetically engineered foods before they are marketed, as with any food additive. (MSNBC Live Vote Results, January 2000).
  20. Sep 2010: 95% support GMO labeling. Washington Post
  21. Feb 2011: 89% want to see GMO labeling. New York Times.
  22. 2013: 82% want GMOs on labels.
  23. Apr 20 2014: 80% want GMO labeling. VTDigger. 
  24. Oct 30, 2014: 52% in Oregon support GMO labeling.
  25. Jan 2015: 66% of those polled want GMOs on the label. 24% are neutral. AP-Gfk poll.
  26. 2015: 83% favor GMO labeling. From Isidewith.
  27. Dec 2015: 90% favor GMO labeling. Mellman Group. 
  28. Apr 2016: 93% support GMO labeling. MSNBC. 

21 more polls listed here with many links.

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