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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Firefox screen capture tools

Sometimes it's handy to capture what's in the browser window, edit it, or print it. Here is a list of Firefox screen capture tools with a brief rundown of their features. These are all the features of the free versions. My favorite is Nimbus as I sometimes need to add arrows, or blur a rectangle to hide confidential information. Nimbus can also save your image to Google Drive, or to your local drive.

- Awesome Screenshot Plus. Edit after capturing, print right from FF, or save as image. Can also save an image for 1 month on their website for free. Can blur out selected rectangle.

- Easy Screenshot. Crop, rectangle, ellipse, line, freehand draw, blur on drag (but can't blur a rectangular area).

- Fireshot. Edit image after capturing, add text, boxes, more. Save as image or PDF, email it, upload it. Lots of options for arrows, boxes, text, highlight, pen. No blur, disabled in free version: crop, image resize.

*- Nimbus Screen Capture. Save screenshots to Google Drive, add arrows, crop, blur a selected rectangle, capture region, shadow puts a shadow around any other thing drawn, like an arrow.

- Screengrab. Upload to sites like,, and a couple others. Image names can use variables like date, time, url of webpage it was taken from, domain of url, etc.

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