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Friday, April 15, 2016

Saving that web page for later

There are many ways to save a web page. Saving it through your browser and doing Save As is one way. You can get a screen capture of a partial web page, a whole webpage, or save a specific page to a website for use by everyone. All these addons and programs are free.

Save a page to the web is one site where you can save a web page (one level deep only), like a news article, and share the shortcut link with everyone else. There is even a toolbar link to save a page automatically.

Both Firefox and Chrome have free addons to make a screenshot of a web page, make annotations, and even circle important areas of the page for tech support.

Nimbus Screen Capture is my favorite addon for Firefox. It supports capturing a whole web page, a partial web page, writing text on your screen shot, putting a glowing square around a certain area, and blacking out personal information. You can print the screen shot, save it locally.

Awesome Screenshot also supports capturing a whole web page, partial web page, adding text, lines and other shapes, blurring out personal information. You can also save your page for 1 month on their website, or save it to You can save the image to a local file or print it.

Saving a multi-level offline copy of a website via an addon

Scrapbook Plus can save a webpage to your browsers storage area, any number of levels deep. You can make folders to store similar sites, and it will get all Javascript and images for you. The site is in your user directory for Firefox and you can then zip it up and share it with others. There are other similar addons called Scapbook but Scrapbook Plus is the one I'm referring to.

Saving a multi-level offline copy of a website without an addon

There are several programs that don't require a browser where you can save a webpage or whole website N levels deep, complete with images and linked files if you want them.

GNU Wget for Windows is free and has several options for skipping zip or pdf files, the speed of the download (so you don't congest the server), etc.

Winhttrack is a GUI version of wget, but totally rewritten.

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